Transform Your Life: Water's Power to Slow Aging!

July 6th, 2023 Lifestyle & Health

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Did you know that water, our most essential and revered nutrient for life, also conceals a rarely discussed, biologically destructive form of hydrogen known as deuterium.

Unlocking Deuterium's Hidden Harm

This deuterium exists in all drinking water. We believe that drinking deuterium depleted water to deplete deuterium is the closest thing today that exists to the mythical “Fountain of Youth”!

For the last two decades, the topic of health maintenance and optimization has mostly focused on free radical damage and antioxidant therapies.

But currently, the trend is shifting toward the deeper and more relevant issue of mitochondrial and metabolic functioning. And this is where the constant damage inflicted by deuterium comes in.

The health of our mitochondria suffers when we have too much deuterium in our bodies, so depleting deuterium is quickly becoming the go-to solution for easily optimizing your health and regaining the energy of your youth.

What Is It?

Deuterium Isotopes of Hydrogen Mdrn-Life DDW

"According to the Kinetic Isotope Effect, a carbon-deuterium molecular bond is nine times slower to disassociate than a carbon-hydrogen bond, showing us that deuterium replacing hydrogen slows down all chemical biological reactions.

Deuterium, being twice the mass of protium, takes positions in DNA reserved for protium distorting the shape of DNA leading to errors in transcription.

Deuterium distorts the shape of enzyme molecules and protein folding which causes mutations.

Deuterium interference continuously damages the ATP Synthase nanomotors that create the energy we need for life."  

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Deuterium is found in all water on Earth, including the water we drink, and it has caused serious harm to people.

Some of which are cancers, lung Problems, Neurological / Mental Dysfunction, seizure, saggy skin, aging, Weight issues, inflammation, sleeplessness, prostate Issue, mood swings, etc.

It’s a tiny amount (150-155 ppm), but the cumulative effect is substantial.

All food we take into our bodies breaks down to hydrogen and other elements, becoming part of our blood, organs, and DNA.

But our cells are only able to utilize regular hydrogen (protium) successfully.

As a result, the presence of heavy hydrogen (deuterium) in the body restricts your ability to create and use energy, limits your DNA’s ability to replicate perfectly, and changes how well your body works overall and the rate at which you age.

Deuterium slows and impedes chemical reactions at the mitochondrial level by directly compromising the ATP Synthase nanomotor by taking the place reserved for a protium isotope, twice the weight.

Much like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, it does not work.

It damages the motors, causing them to stutter, lose integrity and ultimately break down. Less ATP, the primary energy currency of our biology that makes life possible, is produced, until there is no more.

Deuterium depletion and the science of Deutenomics are probably new to you.

Depletion means reducing the total body burden of deuterium. When you reduce deuterium in the body by 20% you allow an enormous amount more ATP energy to be produced.

Numerous studies over the past few decades have provided evidence supporting deuterium depletion as a fundamental strategy to radiant health.

The mitochondrial knowledge to have been the less deuterium the more energy, the foundation of our health.

As a result of modern dietary and environmental conditions, it is essential to reduce your body’s burden of deuterium. 

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Maintaining Your Youthfulness

Healthy cells, for optimal function, need to operate in a deuterium-depleted environment.

We know this because water inside the mitochondria is 60-70% deuterium depleted.

One of the secrets of youthfulness is increasing your cellular energy and optimizing metabolic function.

This is 100% the domain of our mitochondria.

Mitochondria run on the deuterium-depleted water they produce.

You can assist your mitochondria, by drinking deuterium-depleted water and minimizing consumption of high deuterium foods.

Our cells have an elaborate system for filtering out deuterium to minimize its damage, but this becomes less effective as we age.

There are numerous methods to deplete deuterium out of tissues, cells, and the body.

By altering your diet and lifestyle, consuming deuterium depleted water (DDW), you can reduce the body’s deuterium levels and begin to reap benefits that may include:

  • Optimized energy levels

  • Supports cognitive function.

  • Enhanced performance and recovery

  • Increased metabolism

  • Stronger immune response

Depleting Deuterium With Mdrn-Life Deuterium Depleted Water

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By the beginning of the 21st century, researchers clearly understood that consumption of deuterium depleted water protected DNA from damage.

While our biological system does its best to filter out deuterium naturally, a deuterium depleted water drinking protocol lowers deuterium levels most effectively.

Jumpstart your depletion by drinking deuterium depleted water.

If you have the option, find melted ice water sourced near the poles or spring water from high elevations.

Some waters from mountainous areas in North America have 130-140 ppm of deuterium, which is a big difference from the average of 150 ppm in most cities.

You can buy DDW from: Modern Life DD Water: The most deuterium-depleted drinking water in the world, it is ultrapure with nothing added.

Produced in a facility in Florida.

Mdrn-Life DDW can be diluted with any regular drinking water (But we recommend Distill water) in the therapeutic window of 1x to 4x to obtain between 80 - 120 ppm of deuterium depleted water.

Available in 5-ppm, PET plastic and glass bottles. An effective way to achieve and maintain a healthy deuterium-depleted level in the 120-ppm range is by substituting deuterium depleted water for your normal drinking water.

Ideally, deuterium-depleted water would replace all: Drinking water and pre-packaged beverages* (coffee, tea, milk, juices, energy drinks, soft drinks, etc.) Water-based beverages made at home and the office (coffee, tea, smoothies, concentrated juices, etc.)

Food preparation water (soups, broths, and any dish where water is a significant ingredient). There is no need to use it for boiling (eggs, pasta, steaming, etc.)

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Modern Life Deuterium Depletion Water

Mdrn-Life DDW is obtained in commercial quantities by carefully recreating and amplifying the natural hydrological cycle artificially in a production factory.

Removing the deuterium contaminant from water is a new standard in water purification.

Mdrn-Life DDW is the product of this new standard of purity. It is the most deuterium-depleted water in the world, with 94-97% less deuterium than regular drinking water, making it the purest water on Earth.

Daily consumption of Modern Life Water goes a long way to help to eliminate deuterium interference.

Mdrn-Life DDW 5-ppm can be diluted 1 to 4 times based on your personal goals and deuterium depletion strategy.

It also explains how to use super deuterium depleted water without dilution for the best effect.

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Benefits of Drinking Mdrn-Life DDW

More than you think!

  • Less Fatigue and More Energy: Fatigue is a mitochondrial problem. Mdrn-Life DDW has the potential to reverse fatigue and increase your energy levels.

  • Better Brain Function: The mitochondria have a lot to do with regulating fundamental aspects of your brain function, and it influences your mental function, cognition, and memory. Mdrn-Life DDW helps your mitochondria operation, thus ensuring adequate brain functioning.

  • Faster Metabolism: It’s easy to understand why Mdrn-Life DDW. In nature, the addition of deuterium slows things down, and the removing of it speeds things up, so it’s the same for our metabolism. With more energy, you’ll be able to lose unwanted body fat and maintain a healthy weight. However, with damaged mitochondria, you’ll have fat-burning difficulties, sugar cravings, and increased fat storage. People who have trouble losing weight, struggle with sugar addictions, or have metabolic problems such Type 2 diabetes may benefit from a deuterium depletion lifestyle.

Some Questions We’ve Had

Q: Where is MdrnLife DDW produced?

Only a few facilities in the world produce deuterium depleted water on a commercial scale – Russia, where it all started, Romania, Hungary, and China. Modern Life Water is currently produced in our facility in a area of Florida, Fort Lauderdale. Water is first obtained from a natural artesian well, purified by membrane and DI technology, and then processed via proprietary vacuum rectification distillation at an industrial scale for commercial availability.

Q: Can I dilute it?

Yes. Modern Life Water 5-ppm can be diluted 1 to 4 times based on your personal goals and deuterium depletion strategy.

Q: Which other categories of people can benefit from it apart from those listed above?

People who have trouble losing weight, struggle with sugar addictions, or have metabolic problems such Type 2 diabetes may benefit from Mdrn DDW.

How Can They Be So Affordable?

Big brands are filled with middlemen who take a percentage of each sale. By the time you buy the product, it’s so marked up that customers feel ripped off.

Mdrn-Life DDW, on the other hand, does their business online directly to the customers like you — which cuts out the need for these middlemen.

This allows them to run special online only promotions and pass the savings directly to you.

PLUS, they offer bulk discounts on their water. The more water you buy, the more you save.

Mdrn life DDW reviews frem Jeff Roberson

Conclusion: Are They Worth It?

Mdrn-Life DDW customer, Jeff Roberson, noticed a significant increase in his energy levels after incorporating deuterium-depleted water into his daily regimen.

At 73, Jeff leads an active lifestyle and still works  for Humble enterprise. He drives an hour and a half to work and then recharges his batteries by actively tending to his garden when he is not working. It’s not unusual to see him up and about conducting his daily yard work and trimming his plants.

“I’m as active at 11 p.m. at the same rate as I'm at 9 a.m. in the morning,” he said. “If someone were to say, ‘Let’s go to a midnight movie,’ I would be game to go except if I had to work the next day.” 

Besides his non-stop energy, Roberson says he noticed how his appetite decreased as his physical work endurance increased. Previously, he would drink coffee throughout the day.

“I’m usually asleep within a minute or two after retiring and seldom need a trip to the bathroom during the night,” Roberson said. “My coffee is made exclusively with Modern Life Water, but my consumption has decreased significantly. 

I can say without qualification that, at age 73, I feel much more alert and more positive in spirit.” 

How Do I Get A Case?

Get your Mdrn-Life DDW from their official website below.

As of June 21st, 2023 the Mdrn-Life DDW has sold out multiple times. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, they’re offering an "Internet Only Promotion" and bundle discount with a 30-Day Guarantee, just pay a small processing fee.

Customer Reviews

Iris-T Mdrn-Life DDW review its wet and teases like water, I like the container size and the shape.


Iris T Mdrn-Life DDW Review check mark
Iris T, 5 star review for Mdrn-Life DDW.

I've been drinking Mdrn-Life DDW for months now, and I can honestly say it's made a noticeable difference in my energy levels and overall well-being. I feel more hydrated and revitalized than ever before!" 

Quang-h This water is delicious

Quang H.

Drew W. Mdrn-Life DDW Review check mark
Quang H. 5 star review for Mdrn-Life DDW

"Mdrn-Life DDW has become my go-to hydration solution for workouts and everyday life. I love knowing that I'm fueling my body with premium, deuterium-depleted water that supports my active lifestyle."

Drew-W Mdrn-Life DDW since the first time I tried this brand of water I have been in love

Drew W.

Drew W. Mdrn-Life DDW Review check mark
Drew W. 5 star review for Mdrn-Life DDW

"After incorporating Mdrn-Life DDW into my daily routine, I've experienced fewer digestive issues and improved gut health. It's become an essential part of my wellness regimen!"

Jane-P Excellent choice for bottled water

Jane P.

Jane P. Mdrn-Life DDW Review check mark
Jane P. 5 star review for Mdrn-Life DDW

"The purity and quality of Mdrn-Life DDW are unmatched. It's refreshing to know that I'm drinking water that's been scientifically crafted for optimal hydration and wellness. I'm hooked!"

Matt-H This is like a treat that comes to my house every month. I dont buy it every week because its too expensive.

Matt H.

Matt H. Mdrn-Life DDW Review check mark
Matt H. 5 star review for Mdrn-Life DDW

"I've struggled with fatigue for years, but since switching to Mdrn-Life DDW, I've noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels. It's amazing what proper hydration can do for your overall health!" 

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is for educational purposes only and should not replace your healthcare provider’s advice and care. Talk to your doctor before making any significant changes to your diet or physical activity levels.