Unraveling the Essence of Water:

Modern-Life DDW's Scientific Approach to Purity

In the fundamental realm of water, the core elements are oxygen and hydrogen. Oxygen, with a mole weight of 1.008, and hydrogen, with a mole weight of 15.879, compose the purest form of water. However, our contemporary water narrative is altered – a new player, deuterium, has entered the stage.

Deuterium, with an atomic weight of 2.014, doubles the weight of hydrogen, transforming the water we know into a heavier counterpart. This transformation is exacerbated by the intrusion of industrial pharm-chemicals like antibiotics, pesticides, Bisphenol A (BPA), chlorine, fluoride, and various contaminants, collectively contributing to a total weight of 32 grams per mole.

The repercussions of heavy water are profound. Deuterium, attempting to replace hydrogen in cells, disrupts their normal function, resulting in cellular breakage. A broken cell loses its ability to generate adenosine phosphates (ATP), a crucial energy currency.

Enter Modern-Life Deuterium-Depleted Water, a revolutionary solution to mankind's hydration predicaments. Leveraging scientific prowess, we deconstruct the molecular structure of water, rebuilding it to its original form. Through this meticulous process, we successfully extract the detrimental deuterium, along with industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals, yielding the purest water known to man.

In essence, Modern-Life DDW emerges as the epitome of clean, untainted water – a testament to the power of science in restoring water to its intended purity.


About the Founder

This is the story of how Modern-Life Water™ came into existence. In 2013, I experienced a life-altering event when I suffered a severe back injury due to a slip and fall. I was bedridden, reliant on a walker for movement, and unable to even change my own clothes.

My doctor informed me that my only option for recovery was surgery, so I underwent the procedure, but it resulted in a staph infection. This complication necessitated a second revision surgery, during which a screw was incorrectly placed on my nerve, causing me unimaginable pain. I endured this agony for over a year before undergoing a third surgery to remove the misplaced screw from my nerve.

The combination of back damage and nerve issues left me with excruciating daily pain, and my only recourse was regular steroid injections. In 2018, I had a harrowing experience when I received either a bad batch of epidural steroid shots or an overdose from my doctor. This landed me in the emergency room with a blood sugar level of 944. Only divine intervention can explain why I'm still here today.

This incident left me with damage to my eyes and skin, and I began to resemble a burn victim. Furthermore, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Despite always maintaining a healthy lifestyle, watching my diet, and exercising regularly, my health had taken a severe hit. I realized I could never fully recover to my pre-accident state, and my primary goal became finding ways to manage my pain and avoid frequent trips to the ER.

Dissatisfied with the conventional medical approach, I embarked on a journey of homeopathic health research. It was during this quest that I stumbled upon a little-known product – Deuterium Depleted Water. It had substantial scientific backing, and everyone I spoke to had only positive experiences to share. So, I decided to give it a try.

Within three months of incorporating this water into my daily routine, I went for my diabetes checkup. The results were astonishing: my A1C, which had been a staggering 13, had plummeted to 5.3. My receding hairline had regrown, my oxygen levels were at 100%, and my doctor couldn't believe the transformation. When he asked what new medication I was taking, I replied with a simple truth – it was just water.

To my amazement, the doctor took me off all my medications; I was no longer diabetic but rather prediabetic, which meant no more metformin or insulin. I no longer needed my walker or cane and was as healthy as ever. My skin was radiant, and my hairline had fully recovered. I had, in essence, found my fountain of youth.

Before this discovery, I had no idea what my future held. One moment, I was healthy and happy; the next, I was confined to a hospital bed, heavily medicated, and unaware of the passing days. The journey was surreal.

Upon receiving my six-month lab results, I was compelled to share my newfound solution with the world. I felt a deep need to help others who had experienced similar challenges, to let them know that there is a better way, free from harmful chemicals and invasive procedures. I wanted to reach out to people battling cancer, those suffering from low energy, and those burdened with age-related ailments to show them that there is a simple solution – the right water.

Today, Modern-Life Water™ stands as a testament to my journey, a commitment to better health, and a promise to help others find their path to wellness.

Mdrn-Life DDW Production facility

I devoted my entire life savings, along with the compensation I received from medical malpractice lawsuits, to establish a cutting-edge processing plant dedicated to manufacturing this remarkable product. Why did I make such a significant investment? Simply because I wholeheartedly believe in this product's potential. It's not just about what it's done for me, but also the countless customers who have experienced its benefits since its launch.

Every day, I receive emails, phone calls, reviews, and heartfelt letters from individuals expressing their gratitude for making this product accessible to them. They share their personal journeys with Deuterium-depleted water, just as I once ventured into this uncharted territory with little knowledge about it.

This product isn't just about managing your health and energy along the way; it's also a lifeline for those who have faced challenges or hit rock bottom, much like I did. It addresses underlying issues by working upstream on the thyroid, adrenals, and digestion. It all begins at the cellular level, where the root of the problem often lies. By replenishing your cellular energy, your body's innate intelligence is reignited, kickstarting the repair process.

My own journey began at an early age due to my accident, which forced me to scrutinize my health more closely. My hope is to guide others in avoiding such hardships and to empower those going through their own Deuterium depletion journey to emerge stronger on the other side. We know there are ways to improve, feel better, and do better.

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